Board member Theresa Ibarra was chosen Times-News Cook of the Month for May, 2018!  Read the entire article on our Events page, or see the article and video by following this link:


Congratulations Teresa!


Announcing a new way to support Young Musicians of Alamance:

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Simply follow the above link to shop at Amazon.com.  Amazon will then donate a percentage of your purchase to Young Musicians of Alamance!  It’s that easy.


Who Are We?

We are the Young Musicians of Alamance!

As Young Musicians of Alamance, we receive instruments and intensive ensemble music instruction by qualified music teachers. Until YMA, we had little hope of access to this life-changing opportunity because our families can’t afford the full costs of lessons and instruments. Now we are learning lessons that last a lifetime! We have limitless opportunities.


The YMA Vision

Access to this opportunity has had miraculous effects on the life trajectories of economically disadvantaged children, whose impoverished lives lead to poor academic progress and activities that are not only dangerous for them, but also debilitating to the community. Therefore, YMA staff, faculty, Board of Advisors, partners and supporters First Reformed United Church of Christ and Eastlawn Elementary School,  and other supporters have set out to provide positive opportunities through music to as many poor children in Alamance County as possible. These inspired and dedicated people have a burning desire to be the catalysts that use music to build a thriving network of children, families and partners in which the passion for music unleashes the human potential to transform lives and communities in Alamance County.

A key factor of the YMA vision is the commitment to embrace and value diversity, excellence and collaboration ourselves, and to instill these values in our students’ and families’ daily lives.

While all genres of music will be considered, the focus of Young Musicians of Alamance will be on Classical works because of the important benefits that study of classical music provides children – particularly poor children.   Dramatically improving young children’s brain function and academic progress, classical music in the Sistema model – along with the experiences of studying and performing with others — develops a positive identity, improved behavior, an ethic for hard work, and other social values that last a lifetime.