Lessons that Last a Lifetime!


YOUNG MUSICIANS OF ALAMANCE (YMA) offers intensive music instruction and instruments to students whose families cannot afford this valuable opportunity. These Young Musicians of Alamance not only learn music from highly-qualified teachers, they learn to work and perform successfully in an exciting and caring community.  As these students are becoming accomplished musicians, they also perform better academically and socially and learn important social values, such as:

  • respect for themselves and others
  • understanding the importance of having positive, caring interactions with others
  • good character traits
  • strong self-discipline
  • respect for a strong work ethic
  • a sense of responsibility for property and its care – including their instruments
  • self-confidence and pride in their accomplishments

At present, YMA is seeking funds to be able to provide these benefits to more  under-resourced students in Alamance County, and to make the program more sustainable.  Please help to support the Young Musicians of Alamance program as we seek to strengthen our students, our families, and our community.

Click the image above to see more Student Art on our Gallery page!

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