Donors and Sponsors


Special Thanks to our Donors

Congregation of First Reformed United Church of Christ

  • For generous spaces, facilities, program support, financial support, and encouragement.

YMA Board of Directors

  • Pastor Phillip Myers: President and Chair of the YMA Board of Directors; Pastor First Reformed UCC
  • Ms. Doris Maxwell: Vice President, Young Musicians of Alamance; President, Alamance-Guilford National Council of Negro Women
  • Dr. Beverly Pugh: Secretary, Young Musicians of Alamance; Businesswoman; Retired Principal, Rowan-Salisbury Schools
  • Mr. Wallace Shearin: Treasurer, YMA Board of Directors; Dean, Alamance Community College
  • Ms. Teresa Ibarra, Member, YMA Board of Directors; Children’s Hope Alliance
  • Ms. Beth Bader: ex Officio; Founder & Executive Director
  • Mr. Jerry Davis: ex Officio; Program Director

Major Donors

  • Impact Alamance:  $11,500 grant for YMA equipment expenses (2016 -17)
  • Anonymous Donor: $10,000 (2015); $10,000 (2016); $15,000 for YMA general support, transportation, and office support (2017)
  • First Reformed UCC Endowment Committee: $5,000 (2015 startup); $3,500 (2016 expansion and incorporation); $5,000 (2017 expansion)
  • Mary Duke Biddle Foundation: $5,000 (2017) 
  • WCPE The Classical Station:  $3,000 grant for YMA expansion (2016); $3,000 (2017)
  • Artley Violins: For provision and care of YMA’s violins (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • North Carolina Arts Council, via Alamance County Arts Council:nc-arts-council $2,800 grant for YMA expansion (2016); $3,000 for expansion and transportation (2017)
  • Jean Artley: Super Volunteer music teacher; named YMA as recipient of Malvin Artley Memorials
  • The Bromilow Family:  $2,400; contribution of 10 string instruments
  • Hayden-Harman Foundation:  $1,000 grant sponsoring YMA Spring Benefit
  • Alamance Jazz Band:  For in-kind performance contribution to YMA Spring Benefit
  • D’Addario Music: $750 of in-kind contributions (2016); $1,500 and $500 of in-kind contributions (2017)
  • Janice Nicholson, Angel: Friend of YMA; Monthly donations; $600 (2015); $616 (2016); $696 (2017)
  • Faye Bowen, First Reformed UCC member: $300 in honor of Margaret Porterfield’s 90th Birthday

Additional Contributions and Assistance

  • Ms. Ariel Perez Monagas, Honorary Founder: Knowledge about Sistema and inspiration to found the program.
  • Mr. Daniel McInnis, Principal Eastlawn School, Burlington NC: Facilitation of YMA work with the school.
  • Ms. Nancy Cothren, Principal North Graham Elementary School, Graham, NC: Facilitation of YMA work with the school.
  • Ms. Sabre Robinson, Principal Andrews Elementary School, Burlington, NC: Facilitation of YMA work with the school.
  • Mr. Lawrence Conte, Principal Newlin Elementary School, Burlington, NC: Facilitation of YMA work with the school.
  • Ms. Yolanda Anderson, Principal, Broadview Middle School, Burlington, NC: Facilitation of YMA work with the school.
  • Mr. Jason Slagle, Assistant Principal, Broadview Middle School, Burlington, NC: Facilitation of YMA work with the school.
  • Mr. Lee Williams, Principal, Graham Middle School, Graham, NC: Facilitation of YMA work with the school.
  • Bob Byrd, Former Senior Vice President of Alamance Regional Medical Center: Donor; assistance with community outreach and information; assistance with Benefit entertainment.
  • Carol Burnett, Ministry Assistant, First Reformed UCC:  Ongoing financial, clerical, design, printing, and general assistance and guidance. AKA “The Angel Carol”
  • Dr. Beverly Pugh, YMA Board Secretary, Retired School Administrator, Businesswoman:  Food contributions for Spring Benefit (2016) 
  • Grace Ann Witham: contribution toward cost of parent notice flyer translation; donations of items for fund-raising; donations of food items for Spring Benefit, 2016.
  • Maxecine Mitchell, For the Moment Event Services: Food contribution for children attending Spring Benefit (2016) 
  • Susan and Steve Balog, First Reformed UCC: Introduction to Burlington Civitan; Donors; ongoing support for YMA
  • Dr. Barnsley Brown, Spirited Solutions: Interpreter, first parent recruitment meeting. (Spring, 2015)
  • Cindy Smith and Juan Alcantar, Alamance Burlington Schools: Interpreters, second parent recruitment meeting (Spring, 2015)
  • Sra. Mayra Ramirez, YMA parent: interpreter, June Concert and Fall parent recruitment meeting (2015); parent recruitment meeting (Spring, 2016); various parent meeting interpretations
  • Erin McLaughlin, YMA Volunteer Translater
  • Ervin Allen, Director of Small Business Center, Alamance Community College: Mentoring and assistance in effective business organization and planning. 
  • Marti Asher, Gilliam, Coble, and Moser C.P.A.: Strong assistance with incorporation financing and applications.
  • Cindy Smith, ABSS: Substitute String Teacher.
  • Alexis Koegel, ABSS: Substitute General Music Teacher.
  • Drorestor Alexander, Guilford County Schools: Substitute General Music Teacher
  • Eric Booth, Publisher, El Sistema Ensemble Newsletter: Donor; Adviser, Promoter, and Friend to YMA nucleo.
  • Dick O’Donnell, Alamance Leads & Chapel Hill Leads: Information for developing important business practices.
  • Susan Watson, Women’s Resource Center: Management counseling.
  • Martha Krall, Alamance Alliance for Children and Families: Management counseling.
  • Janet Clement, Central Park Charter School for Children, Durham NC: Management counseling.
  • Matthew and Eva Witham, Friends: first financial contribution.
  • Carey Farrell, Clutter Free: Two instruments.
  • David Stoner, EnviroFix: Instrument.
  • Shelley Hartz, The Pingry School, New Jersey: Fund-raising and management counseling.
  • Susan Puckett, First Reformed UCC congregation member and Circle #4 leader: Violin
  • First Reformed UCC Circle #4: Christmas Party for YMA students
  • John Pickett, Elon Academy: Academy volunteers for Saturday sessions
  • Vonda Allen, V.K. Allen & Associates: Volunteer for Saturday sessions

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